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Lantern Pharma, Inc. is a clinical stage pharmaceutical company developing new classes of precision cancer drugs with novel mechanisms of action, and also rescuing or revitalizing abandoned or failed cancer drugs using machine learning techniques, genomic data and precision oncology trials.

Lantern Pharma recognizes that the high cost and low success rates in oncology drug development largely stem from the inability to appropriately stratify patient populations prior to enrollment, and also from the inability to fully elucidate mechanisms of action that can suggest potent combinations. Our approach which  leverages our RADR(TM) platform helps to provide rapid, meaningful insight to both of these central problems in oncology.

Lantern is focused on accelerating personalized cancer therapy development through the use of AI and genomic-based patient stratification.

Oncology drug development is time consuming, costly and high risk, with rates of a successful outcome (drug approval) being very low. This is a perfect problem area for the application of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Our Approach

Lantern Pharma embraces emerging technologies that can help transform the pace and insight of oncology drug development. We have applied  Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning techniques and methods that have been robustly tested in other industries, and are applying these to solve central problems in cancer therapy:

– the accurate stratification of patient populations into responders and non-responders which helps to de-risk and streamline clinical trials, and

– clarifying the potential mechanism of action which can help to uncover potential combinations and improve molecular targeting of the cancer

We believe that both of these central problems are exponentially improved through the application of AI and help to increase a successful FDA approval, and drastically reduce overall costs associated with cancer drug development.

Launched in. 2014, Lantern developed it’s own proprietary AI-based platform, Response Algorithm for Drug Positioning and Rescue – RADR™.  RADR™ performs genetic biomarker data analysis using advanced machine learning algorithms to stratify responders and non-responders to de-risk and maximize success of drug rescue and repurposing in oncology. Lantern Pharma has implemented a new business model focused around in-licensing promising but failed or abandoned oncology compounds, and then out-licensing or selling them to biotech and pharma companies after revitalizing or rescuing the compound. Lantern has already validated its business model with one drug successfully out-licensed within 18 months of in-licensing (LP-100). We are actively working on two promising targets, LP-184 and LP-300 that are in our pipeline.

Through professional relationships with a growing range of partners including cloud computing firms, hospitals, clinical healthcare centers, investigator consortia, tissue and data banks, Lantern Pharma is continuously advancing its precision oncology therapeutics platform. By AI-driven identification and precision trial-driven validation of genetic signatures predictive of patient response, Lantern aims to greatly enhance the value of each drug candidate, thereby creating multiple exit points for each drug.